Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Contractors: how to interview ?

Good news ! Your company is growing and you need to hire your first employee. You don’t know how to do it, and that’s why’is quite normal. Conducting a job interview is a complicated exercise, which causes as much stress to the recruiter as it does to the candidate’to the candidate.

To avoid missing out on the rare pearl and remain professional, here are a few tips to apply.

Use a recruitment agency

The first tip is simply not to conduct an interview yourself. Some agencies, such as Rhapsody Recruitment, have a wide range of qualifications’experienced teams in the recruitment process. They also suggest sorting the resumes for you and retaining only those candidates who most closely match the criteria you are looking for.

In addition to the’expertise, the recruiting firm will save you precious time ! Sort out the CVs, make phone calls, answer e-mails, schedule interviews, etc’All these tasks are carried out by the firm itself. Conducting a job interview’It is not an easy task, so it is better to make sure that you have the right information’abstain rather than’to be in a bad mood’You should focus on questions related to the position to probe the candidate’s motivation, skills and personality.

Remember that the’s goal’The goal of a job interview is to find the rare pearl, the one who will allow you to develop your company in the best possible way. It would be a shame to miss out on the right person because of’A lack of experience’experiences.

Correctly defining the position to be filled

If you choose to go it alone in the printing industry’If you are looking for an adventure, take the time to first define the position to be filled. What are you looking for? ? What will be the responsibilities of the future candidate? ? What tasks will the candidate have to perform? ? Do you need someone who can help you?’a d’Can an experienced person or a beginner apply for the position? ?

This questioning will allow you to identify the candidate’s personality’It is easier to establish the profile of the candidate you wish to recruit and to conduct the interview more easily’interview. D’On the other hand, it will help you to establish a job description and to publish your job ad.

For the candidate, a well-constructed advertisement makes it possible to realize what the interview is all about’the candidate is expected to project him/herself to the position concerned. At the time of the’interview, not a job interview’Don’t forget to mention all the tasks that the candidate will have to do if hired. It will also help you to make the most of your time’object of’a common thread for the entire interview’interview.

Selecting and sorting resumes

Before proceeding to the’If you have to conduct an interview, you will have to go through the long and tedious task of sorting through resumes. It is’at this stage, keep only the most relevant applications. A job offer always provokes numerous applications, especially when the position does not require specific qualifications.

You are nevertheless looking for specific skills and qualities, as evidenced by the profile you just provided’to establish the’previous step. By accepting all the resumes, you will waste time and will receive candidates in interview who do not correspond to what you are looking for.

Set a deadline for the’Open the applications and proceed according to the following ranking, at the end of the interview’This phase is the end of the process:

  • Applications that are suitable,
  • Applications that make you hesitate,
  • Applications that are not at all suitable.

You may decide to’You can decide to skim the first two categories or keep them in their entirety if the applications are not too numerous. N’Don’t forget that leisure activities can also tell you more about the candidate’s character and personality !

Prepare relevant questions

Prepare your questions before you ask them’job interview. If the latter is to be a pleasant, fluid and human exchange, the questionnaire can allow you to bounce back when you have a problem’printing’Having made the rounds of the question, the recruitment firm will give you the.

Be careful, it is not necessary to’It is not a matter of asking a question’Prepare your questions before you ask any leading questions such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses? ? “. They don’t reveal much, are all-purpose and encourage the candidate to lie (no one can do it)’likes to say that the’(e.g., we are messy, grumpy and talkative).

Focus on questions related to the position to probe the candidate’s motivations, skills and personality. Here are some ideas for questions on situational and behavioral topics to help you:

  • What do you know about the’company ?
  • Why we need to hire you ?
  • Can you work under pressure? ?
  • Why did you leave your previous position ?
  • What’What do you expect from this position? ?
  • What would you do when faced with an unhappy client ?

You can also test the ability to communicate with a foreigner’It will allow you to learn about another culture and to adapt and react to the candidate by asking him/her more original and confusing questions such as: “What is the difference between a job interview and a job interview?

  • Surprise me !
  • If you could be someone’one of the’Who would you be? ?
  • On a desert island, what three things would you take with you? ?

Depending on the position offered, you may not have all the skills to detect those of the candidate. If your presence, as a leader of an organization, is not enough, you may have to change your priorities’A company, is compulsory, is not..’Do not hesitate to surround yourself with other students’experts in the field concerned.

N’Remember to keep eye contact with the candidate throughout the course’maintenance and to remain human. If you are too cold, the applicant will not be able to afford it’will not want to pursue the matter’adventure with you. Yes ! You would not’You are not the only one to make decisions’The job interview is a real meeting.