Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Boost your sales on Amazon with Helium 10

Selling online is a way to feel free and to use your time as you wish. This freedom is linked to an obligation to make sales in order for it to be meaningful. It is not always easy to promote your products on a platform that already offers over 400 million products.

The best way to promote yourself is to use the right tools, especially Helium 10.

How to describe Helium 10 ?

Helium 10 is a software or tool designed to help sellers who are present on marketplaces like Amazon. It consists of several features designed to identify trends, detect effective keywords, spy on competitors and optimize the list of products to sell.

The Chrome extension of the software can be used to collect information such as average sales or average profits of a product over a specific period. It helps you to obtain the best keywords to use when optimizing your products or during an advertising campaign.

Reliability of the data is guaranteed

The functionalities of the software allow a complete analysis of the situation of a product. Tools like Black Box and Cerebro help sellers to find a product idea or a product niche. They allow to know the potential of a product on the market. If they have trouble selling themselves, you’ll know it quickly.

Also, your product listing may consist only of items with a high demand and a high sales potential.

Helium’s estimates are much lower than those offered by other similar tools. The features of its Chrome extension in addition to its other tools help to know the situation of the competition in order to adjust or overcome their state.

The software is available free of charge, but is usually available for a subscription fee that can be paid by the year or by the month. An a la carte option is possible, but it is much more interesting to have all the options so that the value for money is really optimal. For a seller on Amazon, there is no better way to boost sales and improve its positioning compared to other competitors than to use Helium 10.

Training to use the software

With its 12 features, the use of Helium 10 can above all require training. This process helps uncover all the details not to be missed when using the software. Basically, training is offered when vendors present proof of purchase of its use. Just introduce it to get access to the help offered by coaches or former vendors who have used it and want to share their experience.

As the most comprehensive tool available today, Helium 10 is the ideal tool for starting or growing an online business. Its price may seem high, but its usefulness and effectiveness more than make up for the initial investment in its acquisition.