Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

3 tips from moms for branding kids clothes fast

The vacations pass quickly, it’s time to prepare for the new school year: shopping and sorting are the order of the day. Once you’ve done that, the step that every mom dreads is coming up: stamping the clothes. It’s a chore you could do without, but you have to do it.

Here are some quick and effective tips for marking your kids’ laundry and belongings.

The personalized stamp

Here’s a brand new method that will make it easier for moms. Indeed, some online sites such as Stikets offer very practical products such as the stamp pad for linen and objects. A tool like this will become indispensable to you: no more sewing and spending days marking your toddlers’ laundry.

Stamps are indeed customizable. So you can put your child’s name and opt for a logo of your choice to identify all the stuff that belongs to your child. As a bonus, the stamps are usable on paper, so you can use them when you do activities with the kids, or to personalize an invitation, announcement, etc.

If you use this tool, don’t forget to keep it in its airtight case so that the ink doesn’t dry. Personalized stamps are ideal for marking any business, however, they do not work on dark clothing.

Iron-on labels

To say goodbye to your sewing needles, opt for iron-on labels. You will be able to permanently identify the clothes, regardless of their color. This solution is still quick.

Just place the label on the garment and iron on (maximum heat, no steam). Depending on your desires, you can customize your labels directly on the Internet, or find blank ones and write on them with a felt pen.

Do you have to tag all your stuff?

As a mom, you want the back-to-school and school year to go perfectly. There is no way your child will cry because he lost his Patrol gum this morning. However, is it really necessary to mark everything from A to Z ? Depending on your child’s age, teach them to be mindful of their belongings. Unfortunately, it will lose a few small supplies along the way, but nothing too serious.

It’s not necessary to mark the pen and cap… But if he really cares about certain objects, it’s best to mark them. Here’s the list of the top things to label: