Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Air France school: training to become an airline pilot

Becoming a pilot is the dream of many children, especially little boys. Indeed, moving an airplane and transporting people via a device that floats in the air can give us an incredible sensation. You want to become a pilot for the famous company Air France ? Follow this section, as it will give you more information on how to reach your goal.

What is the job of a pilot? ?

When it comes to aviation, being an Air France pilot involves a very important task. Indeed, your mission will be to ensure the safety of the trip as well as the passengers. You will also be brought to the safety of all that is related to the technical expertise of the aircraft.

But, being the person at the highest level of the aircraft, the pilot must also ensure that the passengers are satisfied with their flights. Do you want to train to become an Air France pilot? ? First of all, ask yourself this question: am I ready to commit to a job that requires a lot of know-how and interpersonal skills? ? Indeed, to be able to transport people, you have to be rigorous on the respect of schedules as well as everything that comes under the obligation of accuracy.

To ensure that your flight is perfect, always start with a briefing with all the personnel who will be flying it. Through this small meeting, you can proceed to the apprehension of all the technical aspects of the aircraft. The same goes for the airport aspect. In general, a pilot must prepare for the flight one hour before the flight.

It takes time to calculate the fuel that the plane needs for the trip.

What are the qualifications required to work in aeronautics and become a pilot? ?

To be an airplane pilot, it is imperative that you have a scientific baccalaureate. After obtaining this diploma, you must follow a training course in an engineering school. In this case, it is essential to have done two years of preparatory classes, in two fields: mathematics and science. Some people want to go beyond a pilot. Indeed, they aspire to be a captain.

If you are one of these people, you must pass a competitive examination. This opens the doors of the ENAC or National Civil Aviation School. Accessible by selection, the Air France cadet pilot school also offers you the possibility to work in the aviation field.

Your course will be divided into several steps. The first step is to obtain what we call a commercial pilot’s license. With this type of certification, you can already work as a co-pilot. You will have to wait a few years before you can apply for the position of pilot.

These are necessary to accumulate experience.

In addition to the qualifications obtained through academic training, you must also demonstrate certain qualities to become an airline pilot. Indeed, you must be a person who knows how to manage stress and difficult situations. You must also have good communication skills.