Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

10 part-time jobs for graduate students

The demands of graduate school can be overwhelming. You might feel like you don’t have more time to balance a job, but working part-time not only has financial benefits, but also professional benefits that can be helpful in your future job search. While your tuition may be covered, you may need extra money for basics like rent and groceries.

Finding the right type of job or side job while pursuing your graduate degree can be fulfilling and help you earn extra money.

There are many part-time jobs that are perfect for graduate student life, both on and off campus. The ideal job is not unique, but must meet at least one of the following criteria :

  1. Jobs that boost your work experience – Gaining experience in your chosen profession can be helpful in your future job search. Jobs that match your career goals can lead to rewarding opportunities and make you more competitive in your field.
  2. Jobs that offer flexibility – Graduate school can be overwhelming and you may feel like your schedule doesn’t allow for a typical 9-5 job. Jobs that offer flexible hours and schedules can help you maintain your balance between school and life.
  3. Jobs that use your knowledge and skills – With your undergraduate degree under your belt, you’ve probably had some valuable experiences. Be sure to look for opportunities that utilize this knowledge, such as tutoring, research or teaching.

With these factors in mind, the following list contains part-time jobs available for graduate students:

Part-time jobs on campus

1. Resident Advisor or Resident Assistant (RA)

You may want to consider becoming a resident advisor. As a resident advisor, you provide support to students living in the dormitory. Your responsibilities typically range from organizing community events to ensuring that policies and guidelines are communicated and followed by dorm residents.

A major benefit is that RAs usually get free room and board, as well as a stipend.

Average salary: $15/hour

2. Teaching Assistant (TA)

Depending on your program, you may have the opportunity to complete the teaching assistant requirement prior to graduation. A teaching assistant usually helps professors teach undergraduate courses. This may include planning classes, lectures, maintaining office hours, and grading papers or exams.

Depending on your field of study, you may have the opportunity to meet more professors in your department and help with larger projects.

Average salary: $13/hour

3. Library Assistant

Library assistants work in the main office, finding answers to questions, organizing shelves, or doing administrative work during downtime. The organizational and service skills you gain can be beneficial to many employers. Plus, talking to so many students is a great way to practice your networking skills and it’s also a great way to find extra time for schoolwork, as you’ll have plenty of quiet time to focus.

Average salary: $15/hour

4. Research Assistant

You may want to consider becoming a research assistant. Research assistants construct, plan, and execute research projects directed by professors or instructors. Some graduate programs require students to complete research assistant hours as part of their graduation requirements. Other times, you may choose to work as a paid part-time research assistant.

In all cases, you will have the chance to work directly with your school’s leaders and gain valuable experience in your field.

Average salary: $21/hour

Part-time off-campus jobs

5. Tutor

A popular part-time job for many students, tutoring is a great way to earn extra money that demonstrates your communication skills and subject matter expertise. Graduate students can usually charge extra for their area of study because they have expertise in a particular area. If you are already a teaching assistant, you may have the opportunity to tutor students outside of class.

Many schools even have online forums for tutoring, making it easier to communicate and find new clients who may be looking for help.

Average salary: $24/hour

6. Grant writer

You can work for your department or another organization (such as a nonprofit) as a grant writer. Grant writers develop research proposals that seek funding from other organizations. Many companies are looking for students with strong writing skills and attention to detail who can handle the important work of grant writing. Look for an organization that does the type of work you are interested in after graduation.

This way, you’ll get a head start on your connections and experience.

Average salary: $26/hour

7. Translator or Interpreter

Many employers consider speaking more than one language to be a valuable skill, especially companies with an international workforce or industries that frequently cross borders. Working as a translator can add valuable skills to your resume. Many universities and businesses are looking for bilingual individuals to assist clients or create new, more accessible programs.

Look for part-time translation jobs that you can do from home, this way you’ll have a lot of flexibility and a lot of extra money.

Average wage: $37/hour

8. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great part-time job for graduate students, as many employers value strong writing skills. Not only can assignments help broaden your knowledge base, but they can also be lucrative. There are plenty of opportunities online to write assignments; make sure to look for specific topics related to your field of study so you can edit it quickly and easily.

Sites like UpWork or Freelancer.coms have great job postings to help you get started.

Average wage: $33/hour

9. Consultant

Consulting is a good option for graduate students with areas of expertise. Companies are always looking for expert advice to help them develop their business and solve specific problems. Plus, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door and meet new people in and beyond your field.

Average wage: $44/hour

10. Test Preparation

Preparing high school students for the SAT is a flexible way to supplement undergraduate and graduate income and shows your ability to explain complex problems. Not only have you already taken this test (perhaps several times), but you have prepared for and taken many other exams in the meantime. Whether you teach private lessons or sign up as a certified SAT instructor, it’s easy to create your own schedule to fit into your classes throughout the year.

Average wage: $70/hour

There are plenty of part-time jobs for graduate students. You can choose whether on-campus or off-campus best fits your schedule or find a gig online. But don’t just go for the first one you find. Make sure you find a job that boosts your resume and introduces you to professionals in your field of study or field.

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