Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

What job to get when you are 16 years old ?

16 year olds are at a pivotal age, between childhood and adulthood. They need money to finance their projects or pleasure, but do not necessarily have the skills required to find a real job. This article offers you a series of solutions to find a student job, a paid activity during vacations or specific missions that correspond to the possibilities of 16 year olds. The main question is how to find a job without getting hired for illegal overtime ?

Student job

A student job is an interesting solution for young people looking for an extra income. There are many opportunities that can suit 16 year olds. Among these :

  • Cashier: this type of work is suitable for people over 16 years old because it does not require any special knowledge of the language.
  • Specialized salespersons (fashion, jewelry, culture…): very appreciated by young people for its extended working hours and the fact that it does not require additional training.
  • Commercial animations: this activity allows you to communicate and promote products at trade shows, markets, etc.
  • Customer service: this is a very common job that 16 year olds can easily do if they have a good presence and good people skills.

Working during the vacations

During the school vacations, 16 year olds can find seasonal jobs to supplement their income. These temporary jobs can be welcoming tourists, hosting shows, managing a refreshment stand or selling products in stores. Other more “classic” positions such as sales assistant or even art director are also offered to 16 year olds.

There are also volunteer opportunities: sports, cultural or humanitarian associations are often looking for young volunteers. Assignments can range from handling manual activities to organizing special events. Several platforms also exist on the internet to find quick and varied odd jobs such as meal delivery, pet sitting or gardening.

The vast majority of these platforms, however, impose a minimum age requirement for registration.

Temporary assignments

It is possible for 16 year olds to find occasional jobs. These involve doing various jobs such as cleaning, DIY… They often pay less than other types of jobs, but they allow young people to gain useful work experience. Finally, if the 16 year olds have special skills (mastery of a foreign language, computer skills), they can always consider exploiting them to earn some money.

This can take the form of tutoring, translating, doing secretarial work from home, or participating in online surveys.

How to find a job at 16 ?

With a little thought and motivation, it is possible for 16 year olds to find a job that suits them. If young people are looking for short-term assignments, the internet remains the easiest and fastest option. Young people can also canvass around for information on job opportunities.

By talking to friends or relatives of friends, they can find contacts who can tell them about available jobs. Finally, some companies can be contacted directly through their websites or social networks. It is important to take care of your CV and cover letter before making an unsolicited application.

16 year olds can find a job that suits their skills and ambitions. Whether they opt for short-term missions, a student job or a paid vacation, the possibilities are numerous and simply require a little effort to be found.