Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Bonjour de France, the free site to learn French online

France is a cosmopolitan country. Many foreigners come to live in the country or pass through to work, travel, etc. Many people want to learn the French language, not to mention those who are still in their country of origin and wish to apply this language.

One of the best ways to accelerate this learning is the use of websites. Only, there are so many online that it becomes difficult to decide. Among the most interesting is the site Bonjour-de-France.

An overview of this platform.

Bonjour de France, what exactly is it ?

Bonjour de France is a free educational platform created by the school Azurlingua in 1998. It is open to all those who wish to learn the French language. It is also a place where teachers can exchange and find resources for teaching this language.

The site is accessible from several countries.

The advantage of this cyber-magazine is that it is free. Its use is also easy and is within everyone’s reach.

Bonjour de France provides its users with tests and games. For teachers, there are pedagogical sheets of FLE or French as a foreign language.

How to use the site ?

To access this platform, you must have an internet connection and be online. Then, it is necessary to enter the site. On the home page, there are several categories to choose from. They are all on different themes. Some are for basic training.

One of the best ways to accelerate this learning process is to use websites, such as the “French grammar” category or the “comprehension” and “French vocabulary” categories. Others are more specific such as “civilization”, “idiomatic expressions” or “business French”. Once in the desired category, it is enough to follow the various indications and to begin the learning.

The lessons are presented in several forms. There are those that are in the form of games, questions or dialogues.

On the site, there is a section for taking tests. All Internet users can take the test to determine their level. Once they have the results, they can easily choose the type of course to take. The levels are divided into 6 distinct groups including :

  • the A1 elementary which is the most basic;
  • the upper elementary A2 which is also basic but with more known expressions;
  • Intermediate B1, which can formulate sentences or make small talk;
  • The upper intermediate B2 which can make more or less complex conversations;
  • the advanced C1 who has a good command of French but still needs to improve;
  • and the very advanced C2 which is able to make spontaneous and fluent conversations.

It is mainly the level of comprehension of the learner that is taken into account by the site before giving the result.

It should be noted that the site is available in several languages including English, Italian, German, etc. to allow foreigners to better understand the instructions.